Reliable, efficient transmission control for networks that suck.

Airhook is a reliable data delivery protocol, like TCP. Unlike TCP, Airhook gracefully handles intermittent, unreliable, or delayed networks. Other features include session recovery, queue control, and delivery status notification.

Inspired by life with CDPD, Airhook works well in environments that leave TCP gasping for air.


An implementation of the Airhook protocol is available as an ANSI C library suitable for use with any network transport and operating system. Included with the library are Unix utilities to proxy TCP via Airhook over UDP, so you can use protocols like HTTP and SSH with Airhook.

Implementation source code is available (tarballs, CVS) under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Library documentation and a protocol reference are available online.


Airhook is best described by comparison with TCP.


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